Duck and Hound attended the rookie games between the LA Kings and the Arizona Coyotes this week, as you might have noted if you follow us on twitter. Rookie games can be fun because there is a ton of speed, a good amount of improvsation and a lot of mistakes that lead to scoring chances. This week was no different.

However, it was obvious from the first drop of the puck that the Kings rookies were outmatched. The Coyotes controlled the play for the majority of both games, and frustrated the Kings at every turn. By the middle of the second game, the Kings were taking so many penalties that there was barely any 5 on 5 play. The Coyotes won both games handily.
Winning aside, we were there to take a look at some of the players that might be on the Reign roster next year. So instead of recapping the games, we’re going to go over the players who really stood out.

First is Max Domi. Yes, he is a Coyote, but he’s that good. Seriously. He outplayed everyone on the ice in the first game. If he can continue that, he might make the NHL squad this season. Or not, depending on if the Coyotes want to keep him away from what everyone is predicting will be a terrible season.

Next we have Kurtis MacDermid. The defenseman wasn’t really on our radar until we saw him live. He is big, strong and seems to see the game well. Probably won’t make the NHL this year, but we might see him in Ontario.

We would like to announce here that we are firmly on the Bartosak bandwagon. The mask alone would do it (he is already embracing his IE home). He also kept the Kings in the game for the first two periods Tuesday night. Bailing out a few defensive lapses.

Hockey Joy
Derek Arnold is a small player with a lot of energy. He was all over the ice & never mailed it in. Unfortunately, his size will probably be a drawback that might keep him out of the higher leagues. But he is really fun to watch.

slap the puck away

Last is a player named Spencer Watson who was also not on our radar. He’s a bit undersized, but slippery and wily. His main drawback is that he forgets he has teammates and it gets him into trouble.

Valentin Zykov seemed to need a bit to get into game mode, but was making an impact by the middle of the second game. Then came the penalties and his time got cut down.

Adrian Kempe was quiet for the most part. No big flashy plays, but no big mistakes either.

Alex Lintuniemi was out of sorts for most of the first game. He was caught up ice repeatedly and made a few egregious turnovers. He was better in the second game & we can only hope his improvement continues.


As for the rest. Well….. We will see what a full camp & consistent linemates will do.


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