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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – With the NFL draft rapidly approaching, site after site has begun posting their Mock Drafts, their respective best guesses as to how the draft will unfold. It is always interesting to read the predictions then see how close the writers get. As I was sitting at my computer, reading yet another Mock Draft by yet another site, I thought it would be different to get in on the Mock Draft fun, but with a different twist. So I hit up my buddies Adam Twenter and Ryan Gibson, and the three of us decided that we would join forces to the craft our own Mock Draft, the Ultimate Missouri/Kansas City Mavericks Mock Draft.

Here’s how it works: each person selects a total of 18 players consisting of nine forwards, six defensemen, two goalies, and one flex player (can be either a forward or defenseman). I got the first pick in the draft, Gibby the second, and Twenter the third. The format was a snake draft for those familiar with the setup from a typical fantasy draft (Joe – 1, Gibby – 2, Twenter – 3, Twenter – 4, Gibby – 5, Joe – 6, Joe – 7, etc.).

So, without further ado, here is our all-time Mavericks Mock Draft:


Rocco Carzo Forward
The best two-way forward the Mavs have ever had on their roster. From shot-blocking to unselfish puck dishing this guy embodies Mavs hockey.
Dane Fox Forward
One of the best scoring seasons in Mavs history. Fox never saw a puck he didn’t want to shoot.
Carter Verhaeghe Forward
Considering the number of games played, one of the best to ever pull on the Mavs sweater. A solid two-PPG scorer.
Darren Nowick Forward
Tyler Barnes Forward
On a Brabham Cup team, Barnes shined as a top scorer and solid player regardless of what line he was on.
Simon Watson Forward
One of the all-time Mavs greats. Watty came up big when it was most needed.
Chris Crane Forward
Mike Berry Forward
Toby Lafrance Forward
Matt Finn Defenseman
One of the better two-way Mavs defensemen and came up big when the spotlight was on him.
Jesse Graham Defenseman
Graham was sneaky good on the offensive end and as solid as you’ll find on the defensive end. Though a bit undersized, he more than made up for it with positioning.
Pat Cullity Defenseman
Zach Tolkinen Defenseman
Trevor Ludwig Defenseman
Fans will debate why Trevor had the C instead of Andrew Courtney, but the guy was proven in this league and had a great pedigree as a winner.
Kevin Tansey Defenseman
Though his actions this year drew the ire of Mavs nation, he was as good as you’ll find at this level last year.
Carlyle Lewis Flex
The original Mavs enforcer. Lewis wasn’t much of a scorer, but was a fan favorite in the early days of the franchise.
Josh Robinson Goalie
Best goalie to pull on a Mavs sweater. 2015-16 was as good as it gets at this level.
Eamon McAdam Goalie


A pretty solid lineup for Twenter, but don’t worry, we’re saving the best for last.

Gibby’s team is ripe with nostalgia. You’ll see what I mean:


Sebastien Thinel Forward One of the all-time greats, not just for the Mavs but across all levels of minor pro hockey.
Ryan Jardine Forward A guy that most people tend to forget about, but one of the more talented forwards this team has ever had.
John-Scott Dickson Forward The ultimate grinder. Won battles, blocked shots, and gave everything he had every time his skates hit the ice.
Jeff Christian Forward The original Maverick. Helped put the team on the map.
Nick Sirota Forward
Trevor Kell Forward One of the more underrated centers. Great in the faceoff dot, and had a mean wrister.
Lindsay Sparks Forward
Evan Vossen Forward Glue guy that was good on both ends of the ice.
Mike Ramsay Forward
Dave Pszenyczny Defenseman The King of Chirp, but also one of the all-time greats.
Matt Stephenson Defenseman Arguably the most dependable, and best all-around defenseman this team has ever had.
Jared Lavender Defenseman
Mike Wakita Defenseman Physicality, presense, fists of fury. Every team needs a Wakita.
Colten Hayes Defenseman
Kyle Hood Defenseman
Derek Pallardy Flex The original utility man. Dependable no matter what position he played, and that was many.
Shane Owen Goalie
Rob Nolan Goalie Most people don’t put Nolan up there in the conversation of best in team history, but his numbers say otherwise.


Another solid lineup, and some of the all-time greats sprinkled into Gibby’s selections. A very formidable roster, but still, not the best.

Drum roll please…………


Andrew Courtney Forward The greatest of all-time. Enough said.
Eric Castonguay Forward One of the best pure scorers to pull on a Mavs sweater.
Colt King Forward Could do it all. Physical, intimidating, but was also a 20+ goal scorer.
Jesse Root Forward A devastating injury brought a halt to what could have been one of the greatest seasons we’ve seen.
Tanner Fritz Forward
Ed McGrane Forward
Kenton Miller Forward Once held the franchise record for goals in a season, until some guy named Courtney came along.
Brandon Coccimiglio Forward
Colin Markison Forward  Speed for days. So much speed.
Kane Lafranchise Defenseman  The modern-day Matt Stephenson. As steady and reliable as they come.
Bryce Aneloski Defenseman
David Simoes Defenseman  Listed at 5-10 (generous). Played like he was 6-7.
Henrik Odegaard Defenseman  The Olympian.
Blake Forsyth Defenseman  Very underrated during his tenure. A solid stay-at-home defenseman who never got the credit he deserved.
Mike Burgoyne Defenseman
Jesse Perrin Defenseman  Quite possibly the best hitter this team has ever had. His checks would boom throughout the arena, and he became a very solid defenseman with experience.
Charlie Effinger Goalie  Set the bar for goalie play that wasn’t even neared until Josh Robinson came along. Effinger carried his teams that had far less talented blue lines than Robinson.
Parker Milner Goalie


So there you have it, our Ultimate Mavericks Mock Draft. This has been a lot of fun, and we’d love to keep the debate going. Hit us up on Twitter with your thoughts:

Twenter – @SinBinMavsKC

Gibby – @RGibby6

Rozycki – @SinBinMavs

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