As we wrap up our second season of SPHL coverage on The Sin Bin and begin to gear up for the 2017 President’s Cup Playoffs, we get to the time of year where we look back and select those players (and coach) who have shown sustained excellence throughout the season. While we don’t (yet) have an official vote for the league’s end of the year honors, it doesn’t stop us from doling out hardware anyway.

Well, maybe a certificate of achievement. Perhaps even a Tim Horton’s gift card.

We picked some early winners during our middle-of-the-season review, but now is the time to dish the trophies out for real. As we did when we selected our team for the SPHL All-Star Game, we’re going to let you – the best fans in hockey – have a say in the matter.

We introduced our finalists for Rookie of the Year, Defenseman of the Year, Goalie of the Year, Coach of the Year, and Most Valuable Player on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the past two days; and we’re excited to see the great response across SPHL Nation.

Now… it’s time for y’all to participate in the selection process!

If you’re familiar how we did our All-Star Game vote, be sure to click the Vote button for all five polls to make sure all of your selections are tallied.

Feel free to vote as often as you like. The voting will end on Tuesday, April 11th at 6:00 PM CT and we’ll announce the winners on our President’s Cup Preview Podcast!

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