Welcome to The Sin Bin Podcast, where Matthew Harding, Joe Rozycki and Ryan Gibson discuss the hot topics around the ECHL and the rest of minor pro hockey.

In this edition, recorded on Thursday, November 5, the guys discuss several topics, including:

  • Gibby’s thoughts on the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series
  • An update on The Sin Bin’s charitable efforts, including:
  • League awards for October
  • Reasons behind Adirondack’s 7-0-0 start
  • Florida’s slide since the last podcast….could we have a curse developing?
  • Parity throughout the league
    • Positions 3-11 in Eastern Conference separated by 5 points
    • Positions 2-12 in Western Conference separated by 3 points
  • Colorado and Brampton’s struggles so far and are they signals of larger problems
  • We Tackle the question of whether absentee, or disinterested ownership, works. Read Barry Janssen’s article on the matter, here: https://thesinbin.net/worcester-may-get-echl-franchise-does-absentee-ownership-work-for-allen-americans.
  • Let us know your thoughts on the matter by leaving a comment below and we could use them on the next podcast.

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