Today, The Sin Bin is proud to welcome our newest members to the team. Effective April 1st, the entire crew of Minor League Hockey Report will be coming aboard to solidify an already formidable team here at The Sin Bin. I have had the pleasure of working with everyone at MLHR and know that they are a top-notch team with a great passion for hockey. Matthew Harding (who will serve as Managing Editor here at TSB), Zach Courter, Jason Schawe, and Mike Finazzo will only make our team here at The Sin Bin that much stronger, and even more reputable.

From Matthew Harding: “We are very pleased to be joining The Sin Bin. By joining, we reinforce our long-standing commitment to bring ECHL fans the latest breaking news, interviews, and opinions from the team angle. We look forward to joining Joe and the other writers to develop a solid writing base across the ECHL landscape that will last for years to come.”

When we launched this site, we promised that we would focus more on quality than quantity. Today is a big step in that direction. As the 2014 Central Hockey League Media Services Award winners, the crew of MLHR has proven their dedication to the sport, and more importantly, the fan bases league wide. That level of dedication has continued to the ECHL, and will only continue to grow here at The Sin Bin.

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