UPDATE:  I spoke over email with someone at the i-Wireless Center and I got more accurate information. The post below has been updated. The main correction is the box office windows will still be inside, however they will be in the new location originally described. They said they more details will be forthcoming later this summer as construction progresses.

There hasn’t been a press release or anything official yet but there is a lot of construction dust at the i wireless Center right now. From what I’ve heard and seen, there are big changes in the works. Here is my understanding of what is being done right now.

An area near where the Mallards office is currently located is being built out. There was an open space with a sculpture and flower bed underneath the 2nd level. My understanding is the first level will be built out and this open space filled in. The box office is going to be moved to this new space. The ticket windows will still be inside but in this new location. As part of this box office relocation, the Mallards offices are being moved to where the old box office is right now.

The retractable seats in the lower bowl are being 100% replaced. Their intention is for the new seats to be an exact replacement of the current seats. However, I don’t think they know for sure how they will turn out until they actually go to put them in. If any seats do change, it will be very few and any changes will be minor.

An area of the concourse is being widened and there will be a new women’s restroom added. I’m not sure what else is planned for the extra concourse space at this time. We will learn more later this summer.

A small part of the whole renovation was started last year when they replaced the glass around the rink and did some gereral maintenance. Some of this is being paid for with a grant from the state of Illinois that was announced back in the Fall of 2013. Here was a press release about it at that time:

Governor Quinn Announces $4 Million for Moline’s iWireless Center Improvements

The state investment to the Illinois Quad City Civic Center Authority (IQCCCA) is part of Governor Quinn’s Illinois Jobs Now! capital construction program. It will include a concourse expansion and new lower bowl area seating, as well as upgrades to the center’s security and lighting systems, roof, flooring, climate control systems, plumbing and ice rink equipment. Accessibility improvements will also be made. The project will help the center stay competitive with other regional venues and continue to be a positive economic development force for the Quad Cities area.

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