Greger Hansen signs a helmet at an Allen Americans event Monday. Photo Courtesy: SceneByKimberly

One of the perks when you buy a full season ticket to the Allen Americans is a party which has been at Top Golf, a long time sponsor of the Allen Americans for several years. Last night was the annual Top Golf event where full season ticket holders could spend time talking to players and in some cases their family, take some pictures, get some autographs, hit some golf balls with their favorite player and enjoy a great buffet meal. After six years the full season ticket holders are like family so they mingle with each other as much as with the players.

The event is a lot of work for all of the Allen Americans staff who have already put in a long day at the office. Thanks to Mike, the three Roberts, Emily, Jordan, McKenzie, Mark, Kailey and Kayla for all you do to help me and the season ticket holders.
The night ends with Touchdown Tommy (see nicknames below) introducing all of the players and drawing for some great prizes.
The Top Golf event gets better every year and the informal feedback from everyone I talked to during and after the party was very positive.NICKNAMES:With all of the players (with families) and coaches in one place in a casual setting it seemed like a perfect time to get some info for the blog. With so many new players on the team finding out  nicknames seemed like a good task. It was obvious from past experience that hockey players are usually not very creative when it comes to nicknames. Take the last name and maybe drop a syllable if it is a longer name, add an “er” or “sy” or “ie” or “y” and you have the nickname.  With that said here is a list of nicknames for players and coaches. The next time you are talking to them give these a try. If there is more than one the primary nickname is listed first.

Jamie Schaafsma – Shazzy or Shifty
Kevin Young – Younger or KY
Steve Martinson – Marty
Patrick Valcak – Valec
Jesse Messier – Mess
Chris Crane – Craner
Tommy Daniels – Tommy D or Touchdown Tommy or TD
J. P. Anderson – “J”
Brian McMillin – Milly or Mac
Tyler Ludwig – Luds or Ludsy
Greger Hanson – Hanny
Nolan Descoteaux – Deko or Coatsey
Aaron Gens – Gensy
Trevor Ludwig – Luds or Ludsy
Jaime Garcia (Trainer) – Gus
Chad Costello – Costy or Elvis
Justin Baker – Bako or J Bakes
Dyson Stevenson – Stevie or Dice
Tanner Eberle – Ebs or Jordan
Garrett Clarke – Clarkie or Goler
Spencer Asuchak – Ass or Assman or Chuckie
Kyle Follmer – Folms or Uncle Figs
Mike DiPaolo – Dips, Dipper or Dippy
Konrad Abeltshauser – Koni
Vincent Arseneau – Vinny
Joel Rumpel – Rumpz
Riley Gill – Gillsy or Giller
Erik Adams – Rico or Uncle Rico

Seems like there are some nicknames that individual players have for each other such as Kyle Follmer calls Jamie Schaafsma “Shady P” while Jamie calls Kyle “Gramps” and Jamie calls Descoteaux “Ging” short for Ginger. Tyler Ludwig has a special nickname for Trevor but you will have to ask Tyler what it is. Have to admit I only scratched the surface on these as it seems that Captain Jamie Schaafsma has his own nickname for most of the players.

For the wives the printable nicknames (just kidding) were as follows:
Ashley Costello calls Chad by his middle name, “Andrew” but it is usually not good when Chad hears his middle name. Same for Taylor Ludwig when she calls Tyler “John” which is his middle name. Nicole Schaafsma calls Jamie “Jame” but that is more of a name of endearment.

Whenever you have a chance to see players interact with fans it always reinforces what a nice group of guys they are and how well they represent the team and the organization.  Always willing to answer questions, sign autographs and take pictures and they are really good with children.

DID YOU KNOW: Tommy Daniels was given his nickname of Tommy Touchdown in the Americans first season (2009-2010) by Bruce Graham. I was given my nickname of “Barry the Blogger” by Missouri head coach Richard Matvichuk when he was with the Americans.

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