LAFAYETTE, LA — With tonight’s start of the SPHL season, we took Team Sin Bin to task and had them make their predictions for the upcoming season.

Additionally, we had assistant coach Leo Thomas and broadcaster Erik Evenson from the Macon Mayhem make SPHL picks on our first Inside the SPHL Podcast episode of the season. Disclaimer: We didn’t allow Leo and Erik to pick their own team.

Regular Season Dark Horse Presidents Cup Finalist Presidents Cup Champion
Mike Campos
Huntsville Evansville Fayetteville Peoria
Matt Harding
Fayetteville Evansville Evansville Fayetteville
Jimmy Gentry
Macon Fayetteville Huntsville Peoria
Michele Horne
Birmingham Roanoke Peoria Macon
Dawne Walters
Evansville Birmingham Macon Pensacola
Justin Rieber
Macon Evansville Peoria Fayetteville
Mark Grainda
Fayetteville Roanoke Huntsville Pensacola
Leo Thomas
Asst. Coach, Macon
 Huntsville Evansville Evansville Huntsville
Erik Evenson
Broadcaster, Macon
 Peoria  Evansville Evansville Peoria


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