Hockey is back!

The National Hockey League begins their 101st season tonight and we minor pro hockey scribes are making some major league picks! We polled our writers for their preseason predictions and got a lot of confidence in the NHL’s youth movement.

Name Metro Division Atlantic Division Central Division Pacific Division Eastern Conference Western Conference Stanley Cup
Ryan Bizarro
Pittsburgh Toronto Minnesota Edmonton NY Rangers Minnesota Minnesota
Mike Campos
Columbus Toronto Minnesota Edmonton Pittsburgh Minnesota Pittsburgh
Andrew Gallant
Pittsburgh Toronto Nashville Edmonton Columbus Nashville Nashville
John Hafer
Washington Toronto Nashville Edmonton Washington Edmonton Edmonton
Matt Harding
Pittsburgh Toronto Nashville Edmonton NY Rangers Nashville Nashville
Tommy Hendricks
Washington Ottawa Nashville Anaheim Tampa Bay Minnesota Tampa Bay
Samantha Hoffman
NY Rangers Toronto Minnesota Edmonton NY Rangers Edmonton Edmonton
Josh Heistman
Washington Toronto St. Louis Edmonton Pittsburgh Edmonton Edmonton
Dakota Johnson
Columbus Buffalo Nashville Edmonton Columbus Edmonton Columbus
Michael Scott
Columbus Ottawa Nashville Edmonton Columbus Edmonton Edmonton
Joe Zufelt
Washington Toronto Nashville Edmonton Toronto Edmonton Edmonton



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