At the end of Wednesday night’s SPHL Season Preview broadcast, The Sin Bin’s Managing Editor Matthew Harding, Cottonmouths correspondent Dawne Walters, Thunderbolts writer Mike Finazzo, and I made our predictions for the upcoming season.

The four of us gazed into the crystal puck and picked the winners of the William B. Coffey Trophy for best regular season record, President’s Cup finalists, and the eventual 2016-17 SPHL champion.

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William B. Coffey President’s Cup Finalists SPHL Champion
Matthew Harding
     5 Games
Dawne Walters

 5 Games

Mike Finazzo
     5 Games
Mike Campos
   4 Games


Apologies to the fans of the Peoria Rivermen, Knoxville Ice Bears, and Columbus Cottonmouths for jinxing your seasons before the puck is even dropped. If you’re looking for more debate material, be sure to check out our brand-spanking-new SPHL Power Rankings! Good luck to all of our SPHL teams!

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