With no hockey game until Thursday the Allen Americans will have a few days to practice which is as important this time of year as it was at the beginning of the season especially with so many new guys joining the team over the last couple of weeks and more roster changes on the way.

Thought today would be a good day to take a look at some team and individual statistics to put into perspective what a great regular season the Americans have had this year. One of the numerous recruiting tools Steve Martinson uses when talking to players is that they will play in a system that is known for scoring. Players enjoy playing in high powered offensive systems. The players on the 2014-2015 Allen Americans team have taken this offensive system to an entirely different level as they are the highest scoring team in the six year history of the franchise. A team that has never scored fewer than 210 goals in a season and has averaged 230 goals per season has already scored 279 goals this year.

Here is how the Americans rank in the 28 team ECHL in some of the statistical categories. The first number is Allen’s number and the second number is how they rank in the ECHL.

Win Percentage – .725 (#3)
Points – 100 (#3)
Average Goals For – 4.04 (#1)
Average Shot For – 32.67 (#5)
Power Play Percentage – 21.8% (#2)
Average Penalty Minutes – 22.90 (#1)
Longest Home Winning Streak – 11 games (#1)
Team Plus/Minus –  +262 (#3)
Goal Differential –  +81 (#2)
Shorthanded Goals – 12 (#2)
Goals Scored 2nd Period – 117 (#1)
Goals Scored 3rd Period – 89 (#2)
The defensemen on this team are the highest scoring group in the league by far and without having the stats to back it up may be one of the best group of offensive defensemen ever assembled in the ECHL. There are four Allen players in the top 18 in the league in scoring by defensemen including Aaron Gens with 53 points, Kevin Young with 44 points, Tyler Ludwig and Justin Baker with 37 points. Add recently acquired Konrad Abeltshauser who has four goals in three games to the mix as well as Trevor Ludwig and Nolan Descoteaux and you have a defensive group that has contributed over 200 points and close to 30% of Allen’s offense.
Here are the Allen players that rank in the top three in the ECHL in any of the statistical categories tracked by the league. Have to admit with 28 teams in the league this is an impressive list.

Points – Costello 118 (#1)
Goals – Steffes 44 (#1), Costello 40 (#2)
Assists – Costello 78 (#1)
Power Play Points – Costello 42 (#1)
Power Play Goals – Steffes 18 (#1)
Power Play Assists – Costello 22 (#1),  Gens 19 (#2)
Shorthanded Goals – Hanson 4 (#2)
Game Winning Goals – Hanson 9 (#1), Steffes 8 (#2)
Points By Defenseman – Gens 53 (#1)
Goals By Defensemen – Tyler Ludwig 16 (#1)
Assists By Defensemen – Gens 45 (#1)
Power Play Goals By Defensemen – Tyler Ludwig 8 (#1)
Power Play Assists By Defensemen – Gens 19 (#1)
Longest Assist Streak – Costello 16 games (#1)
Longest Point Streak – Costello 17 games (#1)
Longest Home Assist Streak – Costello 13 games (#1)
Longest Home Points Streak – Costello 21 games (#1)
Longest Road Goal Streak – Costello 7 games (#1)
Longest Road Point Streak – Hanson 16 games (#1)
Power Play Assists Single Game – Costello 4 (#1)
Goalie Wins – Gill 31 (#1)
Goalie Saves – Gill 1265 (#3)

The Allen Americans single season record book was almost entirely rewritten this year and in some cases by a wide margin.

Points: Chad Costello has 118 points with three games remaining. He broke the old record of 88 points set by Colton Yellow Horn set back in 2010-2011.

Goals: Gary Steffes (44 goals) and Chad Costello (40 goals) have both surpassed the old record of 34 goals set by Nino Musitelli and Bruce Graham back in 2010-2011.

Assists: Another smashed record for Chad Costello who has 78 assists and broke the record of 55 set by Colton Yellow Horn in 2010-2011.

Power Play Goals: Gary Steffes has this record with 18 power play goals breaking the old record of 16 set by Bruce Graham in 2010-2011.

Plus/Minus: Chad Costello (+39), Gary Steffes (+31), and Greger Hanson (+31) have all topped the old record of +27 set by Dave Bonk in 2010-2011.

Riley Gill has established Allen single season records for games played (48), wins (31), minutes (2748), and saves (1265).

It is not unusual for players playing in Steve Martinson’s system for the first time to have career years and that has certainly been the case this this year. Check out these numbers.

Aaron Gens – Aaron has never had more than six goals, nineteen assists or twenty two points in college or in the pros. This year he leads all ECHL defensemen with 53 points (8 goals 45 assists) and also has more penalty minutes (176) than he has ever had in a season. A career year indeed.

Gary Steffes – Including his four years in college and five years as a professional the most goals Gary had ever scored in a single season was 22 which he scored in 2011-2012 playing for the Tulsa Oilers. This year he leads the ECHL with 44 goals and if he had not been called up to the AHL would have most likely hit the 50 goals milestone. With his three goals in the AHL Gary has 47 goals this year. When you score more than twice as many goals as you have ever scored before it certainly qualifies as a career year.

Chad Costello – Chad has been a professional for seven years and has been a prolific scorer for a long time so for him to have a career year it takes something special and that is what has happened this year. When you call this year a career year for Chad maybe the most impressive statistic is that he is one of the ironmen on the team having played in all 69 games thus far for the Americans. What Costello has accomplished in terms of points is almost hard to believe as he has far surpassed all of his prior points records. He has never scored more than 34 goals in a season, he has 40 this year. He has never had more than 51 assists in a season, he has 78 this year. Chad has never had more than 85 points in a season, he has 118 this year. For what should be an unanimous choice for ECHL MVP it has definitely been a career year.

Greger Hanson – Greger started the year in Cincinnati where he played one game before being acquired by Allen in a trade and has played fourteen games in the AHL but the majority of the time (52 games) he has been with the Americans. Greger has more goals (28), assists (34) and points (56) than in any season going back to when he started college at Northern Michigan University in 2007.

Justin Baker, Ian Schultz, and Spencer Asuchak are other players that have put up good numbers playing in the Martinson system this year.

Wanted to end this “stats blog” with a couple more stats about Chad Costello as an indication of what he has accomplished this season. It is pretty well known that Chad had an injury plagued season last year as he played in only fourteen games all year. Despite his talent there were not a lot of teams interested in him for the 2014-2015 because of the injuries. Allen was a good fit for Chad and his family for many reason but nobody saw what has happened this year coming. Allen fans will be talking about what Chad Costello accomplished in 2014-2015 long after he has retired. Chad currently has 118 points with three games remaining. He will most likely finish the season with a point total in the 120’s. It will be the most points scored in the ECHL in twenty years. You have to remember when the ECHL started in the late 1980’s it was a very different time with a lot more scoring. Between 1989 and 1994 the leading scorer in the ECHL averaged 143 points and the all time record of 161 points was set in the 1992-1993 season. Chad will end the season with more points than any player since the 1995-1996 season. Maybe an even more amazing stat is Chad currently has a 40 point lead in the ECHL scoring race with three games left to play. In the history of the ECHL the scoring champion has won the scoring title by more than 20 points only three times and they were all in the early year. Here are the three years where the ECHL scoring champion had at least twenty more points than the runner up along with where Chad currently fits in with three games to play.

43 points – 1992-1993 (Trevor Jobe)
40 points – 2014-2015 (Chad Costello)
35 points – 1989-1990 (Bill McDougall)
24 points – 1995-1996 (Hugo Belanger)

DID YOU KNOW: The Allen Americans have scored 117 goals in the 2nd period which is 43 more than the ECHL average and and 24 more than any other team in the league.


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