LAFAYETTE, La. — In the latest edition of our staff poll, we’ve all come to some rare agreement at the top of our rankings. The Birmingham Bulls stay atop our list of the SPHL’s top teams, with the Macon Mayhem closely behind as both teams get weekend sweeps. The Fayetteville Marksmen’s impressive weekend sweep over the Peoria Rivermen vault them back into our list, while the Peoria Rivermen find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

We’ll be back every Wednesday with more SPHL PowerFive polls!

Kori LaVire

Dana Barker

Mike Campos

Brad Harrison

Anna Headley

Marc Robinson

Matthew Harding

Ronald Hagood Jr.
Birmingham Bulls111111111
Macon Mayhem222222222
Fayetteville Marksmen334333443
Peoria Rivermen443445335
Huntsville Havoc555566566

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