LAFAYETTE, La. — The writing staff have gone rogue in this week’s shakeup of the PowerFive Staff Rankings. The Birmingham Bulls were most affected, dropping down to the fifth position after being swept last weekend by the Pensacola Ice Flyers.

Ranking variations are prominent among each member of the league’s top five teams as selected by our writing staff – a clear sign of dissension in our press box.

The Peoria Rivermen remain atop the rankings, followed by the Macon Mayhem, Huntsville Havoc, Fayetteville Marksmen, and Birmingham Bulls.

Personally, I felt it time to justly reward the Havoc and Marksmen for their recent play while dropping the Mayhem and Bulls down from their season-long top-three perch.

This weekend, I’m going to have my eye closely fixed on the Peoria/Pensacola and Huntsville/Macon matchups. How these games shake out should sort out I order the teams going forward over the short-term.

Stay tuned next week for our next PowerFive poll!

Mike Campos

Brad Harrison

Marc Robinson

Matthew Harding

Ronald Hagood Jr.

Kori LaVire

Anna Headley
Peoria Rivermen11111242
Macon Mayhem24224111
Huntsville Havoc32633324
Fayetteville Marksmen43352465
Birmingham Bulls55445633

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