Last week on the Inside the SPHL Podcast, Mike Campos debuted his PowerFive rankings of the best of the SPHL teams, with the undefeated Birmingham Bulls heading the list. Beginning this week and going through the remainder of the SPHL season, the staff writers from across the league will rank the teams and we’ll post our composite rankings here.

In our first staff poll of the season, the 5-0-1 Macon Mayhem, leading the league in scoring and goal differential, stand atop the list with 4-0-0 Birmingham following close behind.

Stay tuned every Wednesday throughout the SPHL season for future SPHL PowerFive polls!

Matthew Harding

Mike Campos

Brad Harrison

Anna Headley

Ronald Hagood Jr.
Macon Mayhem112123
Birmingham Bulls221314
Peoria Rivermen334232
Huntsville Havoc443451
Knoxville Ice Bears556565

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  1. For me at least
    This is my Top 5 in the Power Rankings…
    1. Macon Mayhem
    T-2. Peoria Rivermen
    T-2. Birmingham Bulls
    4. Huntsville Havoc
    5. Knoxville IceBears
    For me, Peoria and Birmingham are so close in my opinion an it’s just not fair to either team to put one ahead of the other.


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