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Last season, we created our first SPHL All-Star Team for a fictional game against a team of the FHL’s best. It turned out to be one of our more popular projects, so… with a little help from our SPHL team of writers – Mike Finazzo, Jimmy Gentry, and Dawne Walters – we’re ready for a second year!

This year’s team will not only be selected by a select group of SPHL insiders… but you – the fans – will get a vote!

You may vote every 12 hours (edit: you may now vote as often as possible,)  so be sure to bookmark this page and return to this page every day – voting will close on January 17th, 2017 at 6:00 pm CT. The forward, defenseman, and goaltender with the most votes will each earn a spot on this year’s All-Star Team.

Be sure to click the Vote button under all three categories (Forwards, Defensemen, and Goalies) to make sure all of your selections are counted.

The final All-Star roster will be announced on January 27th.

Here are the ground rules for selection.

  1. Although the SPHL uses sixteen skaters and two goaltenders to fill out a game roster, the All-Star roster will consist of eighteen skaters (12 forwards, 6 defensemen) and three goalies.
  2. Each SPHL team must be represented by at least one player.
  3. Skaters must have appeared in at least 15 SPHL games by January 1st to be included.
  4. Goalies must have appeared in at least 10 SPHL games.
  5. Players on loan to ECHL teams may still be selected, given they have played in enough SPHL games.

* Cody Castro was traded to the Mississippi RiverKings, but will still be listed under the Columbus Cottonmouths for fan voting.

Vote Three Vote Two Vote One

SPHL 2017 All Star Finalists - Goalies

SPHL 2017 All Star Finalists - Defensemen

SPHL 2017 All Star Finalists - Forwards


    • Along with several other players, it was extremely difficult to leave Manno out of the fan vote. Once the fan voting is complete in a couple of weeks, we’ll fill out the rest of the roster with input from our staff writers, team representatives, and media members. Manno still has a legitimate chance to make the final list.

  1. Who is Daniel Echeverri and why is he the leading vote getter., he must of majored in computer science because theirs no way he is should be that fare ahead of every player in the league especially from Macon where there a few fans hes ok offensive but is to small he gets pushed around in front of the net and gets beat defensively that’s a joke

    • He leads all defensemen in power play goals and quarterbacks the best power play unit in the league. Not a bad personal story, either. He’s a rookie straight out of club hockey and the only current Colombian playing pro hockey in North America. I like underdogs and glad he’s getting great support from Macon fans. Keep on voting for your favorite players and encourage your friends to do the same, and thanks for visiting!

  2. Hey Mike I watching Sean Roberson is the only one getting votes within the last 40 minutes he went up like over 100 votes when no one else has moved something stinks here. Lets keep it real here the the second place D man just got traded has 1 point and 10 minus for columbus and hes a vote leader whats up here

  3. Joe. Instead of speaking badly about daniel echeverri who is an excellent player and a great person, try to exalt the qualities of his favorite player. Respect voters and participants

  4. Joe maybe instead of bashing players in the comments section you could spend more time getting your favorite players more votes elsewhere. Happy New Hear!

  5. Mike, this is the 2nd time ive uploaded the page and my votes for forward and dmen have already been made without my choosing……of course its guys I dont wanna vote for……I cleared my history and exited out and came back into the website……same thing, whats going on??

    • Nothing is wrong other than not enough people voting for that player. Fans vote for certain players based on many factors and so somebody that you vote for due to a certain stat, etc might not be the same stat or reason somebody else votes for another player. All I can say is vote! Nothing here is rigged….this is for fun!

  6. I know what is wrong, you Joe! Your negative energy and jealousy will take you and Macón no where. A lot of people like Danny, and your comments will only make him stronger 😉

  7. This voting should be shut down its clearly bogus especially when you see 200 votes in a hour, they only go to players when the other starts refreshing there computer and moves up, but no one else gets a vote, The same person from the same computer just keeps clearing it refreshing browser and you can keep voting for your little Johnny or for yourself. That’s why the better players even leading the league in points only have a fraction of vote because they are not getting involved in the nonsense. The biggest joke are the D Men that have mommy and Daddy voting over and over again. The sin bin is a good site and covers the leagues very well, stop this nonsense and suspend the votings its not right to the players that really deserve to be voted at the top. PS Macon doesn’t even have 1800 fans if you keep voting for little Johnny all you will do is put a bull’s-eye on his little back. Good luck to you let me know how it works out?

  8. Chris, it is very simple: Daniel Echeverri is the only Colombian Ice Hockey player who has gone thus far in the sport. The guy is perceived as a hero-in-the-making for us Colombians, and we are very darn proud of him given his accomplishments at his early age. So at the end, his fun base is growing by the minute, literally, nothing else. I suggest you check his record and recent history as captain of Colombia’s National team, and now, as a team member of Macon Mayhem. Best regards from us Colombians across the world, literally.

  9. Hey Mike, is there a problem with the second column : “Vote Two”, SPHL 2017 All Star Finalists – Defensemen, since it does not allow any voting from any device at this moment ?. Thanks for answering…

    Luis M.

  10. Sorry for the last comments. Surely if they had won the favorites of David and Matthew, today would be silent. Congratulations to the winners, their fans chose them for excellent players and great people. God grant that in the future they will continue to reap great personal and professional triumphs


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