Saturday night was an emotional time for the fans of the Evansville IceMen.  One last time we got to ask “Hey Tommy how much time’s left?!” And it felt sad to know there was “One minute remaining in the 3rd period.”  There were many throw backs to traditions gone by.

Of course, the IceMen lost, but that was just one more tradition of being a fan we got to live one last time.  I had started thinking last week about how I would put into words the emotions I knew I would experience that night. The sense of loss for my team that felt more like an Irish funeral than a hockey game would not be easy to put into words.

That was all right…until I got Ron Geary’d.

Have you ever been Ron Geary’d?  It’s when your enjoyment of something is significantly lowered due to the narcissistic activity of another individual.  One last time his ego and pride had to have the last word.

While fans were taking group photos for various reasons after the game he felt compelled to parade himself out onto the ice.  Who, with any form of common sense, would think this is a good idea?  It’s like the Emperor being too proud to admit he’s parading himself like a jackass without clothes on.   Needless to say, some fans had some choice words for him.  This ended with the salute that he’s been giving IceMen fans for months.  This time it was just more honest: a middle finger waving in the air.  This happened to be caught on camera.

One last middle finger from the man whose sense of self importance has driven a team into darkness.  He’s literally driven the IceMen to be “dark” next year.  To live in my corner of the world is to understand a man that has played brinkmanship with people before.  His negotiating tactics as the owner of Ellis Park — a horse racing facility — are well documented.  He attempted to drive the media narrative on the negotiation process with the IceMen — something he chose to make public — until he had no media support.  He’s burned bridge after bridge and reduced to petty lashing out on his own hockey team’s internet show because no one else wants to hear it anymore.

While still negotiating with the City of Evansville, he paraded himself around the Ford Center with the Mayor of Owensboro, KY in front of a packed house.  Ron went into business for himself and attempted to play victim on a local television station until local news anchor Brad Byrd asked the same question multiple times about moving the team while he attempted to skirt around it.

Then there was the fiasco of him announcing the team was moving without having a usable building in place and a vague plan on how to make the existing building “usable.” Each move more ridiculous than the others and all because Geary wasn’t getting his way.  The man has all the charm and personality of a two-year-old who’s never been told “no” in their life.

I wrote about how I had hoped Saturday night would be about healing.  It’s now obvious there’s no interest in healing, not by Geary anyway.  There is still a true opportunity for closure, though.

I’m officially putting the owner of the IceMen in timeout.

You have to go sit in the corner by yourself for a year and after that you aren’t allowed to play here anymore.  You have to find new people willing to play with you.

Good luck with that.

People don’t like to play with selfish, whiny, classless kids.  The rest of us are going to play with the new kid.  He’s nice and we’re looking forward to hanging out with him and his team instead.


  1. Speak for yourself. Ron in no way ruined the night for me. It was ruined by the classless idiot who started the whole thing! Why is it OK for him to flip Ron off and Ron not to flip him off back. Of course, you probably have NEVER flipped anyone off so you are probably a saint. I applaud Ron for finally standing up for himself and not taking any more crap off the City of Evansville. This guy came into the Ford Center to watch and hopefully enjoy a game that Ron Geary brought to Evansville and then had the audacity to flip him off. If he doesn’t like Ron, why didn’t he stay away and be like the dozens of others who are “no longer going to give Ron Geary any more of their money”? Why didn’t the Ford Center security staff remove the drunken idiot? Why was he “overserved” by VenueWorks?

    People like you make me ill. You are followers and can’t have an original thought of your own. Maybe you have drank too much of Mayor Whineke (yes I spelled it the way I think of the lying little weasel) Kool-Aid and can no longer think for yourself. Shame on you.

    • First, you ask why is it ok for the fan to flip the bird to Ron Geary and not for Geary too in return? First, Mr. Geary should be held to a higher standard. He is the owner of the team. He also, as the owner, is on the Board of Governors for the league. So his actions the other night look poorly on both the front office of the team as well as the league. As for the fan, he is on the wrong for doing it, but players, coaches, officials and anyone who is associated with the teams and the league need to take the higher road. Ron Geary’s actions also could, and I would bet will destroy any chance most fans in Evansville of driving to Owensboro for the 2017-18 season to support the Icemen, if they do return from this hiatus.

      Second, be thankful that you are going to have hockey next season. It may not be the Icemen, but you won’t go through all summer wondering if you will have a team to support.

    • How would you know what kind of a person the writer of this article is?!!! He interviewed both sides in the whole negotiation process repeatedly. He makes you ill???!!! You don’t even have a clue about him! Geary has repeatedly disrespected the Icemen fans without a care and because people are calling him out for it they are wrong? No, I don’t think anyone should’ve behaved in that manner towards Ron Geary or anyone else for that matter. But, he is a local businessman who thinks he’s a hot shot! As a businessman there is a time and place for that behavior and on the ice in front of people who have helped line his pockets wasn’t it! Your obviously the one drinking the “kook-aid”! Have you personally interviewed Geary or the Mayor even once? If you had a clue you would understand the feelings people have for Geary! Do your homework and get a clue!

    • Rebecca,
      I don’t know you but you seem to have a direct conduit to Mr. Geary. When the last game is over and he releases this evidence of the nefarious actions of the city and Venuworks, will he do so in a forum that will allow some back and forth questioning and be willing to do so with media presence?

    • Speaking of kool-aid. ..stop spiking yours. Because you being drunk is the only way to rationalize the stupidity of your words. And as far as bashing the man who wrote this article, he has way to much class to call you a Moran but I dont.

  2. Mike,

    First of all, as usual, thank you for putting into words what most of have felt all along about this fiasco. I agree, the evening pretty well played out like the Icemen tenure has during their existence. A fun and exciting game, with heartfelt emotions from players, staff and the fans. For the first time since all of this nonsense started, we were all together again, cheering for our guys, and enjoying the moment…and yes, just when you are relieved that you got to have closing moment, Geary goes and does something so egotistical and self serving, to completely blow it.

    To the poster who asks why it is ok for the fan to flip off Geary, it’s not..but from what the fan and witnesses have stated, the fan never flipped off Geary. He admittedly said “Kiss my Ass Geary” Not really any better, but makes us once again, question Geary’s honesty in recounting the incident. Regardless, it is 100% wrong for Geary to do that in any circumstance. To claim he was verbally abused is non-sense. Players and refs are verbally abused every single time they take the ice. If any of them decided to give the finger to a fan, they would face fines and suspensions…period. Are you holding the team owner to a lower standard?

    I had thought the last Icemen home game I ever attended would have good memories. The wife getting a final hug from Blizzard, an exciting game, with some neat throwbacks, saluting Tommy as he walked off the ice, and of course, watching our players and fans saluting each other after the game. That would have been sufficient. Instead, mine and everybody elses, regardless whether they attended or not, are discussing another crappy act by Ron Geary. Thankfully I got to see them in Ft. Wayne last night, so I did get one more game, and a final win for my actual last Icemen game.

    I have no real knowledge of the negotiations other than what I saw actually play out. I saw Geary break off negotiations and declare them at an impasse. I saw him parading the batshit crazy Mayor of Owensboro around the Ford on our biggest draw of the year, (no coincidence) While we and the city waited and were still hoping for another offer, he calls a press conference in Owensboro where he proudly declares he is moving the team….all of which without a viable or even vetted plan on where to play..all while rambling Mayor goes on and on about a new off track betting parlor. Those aren’t blind assumptions, rather very clear observations.

    Now he is all bitter and claiming the city wanted him out…if true, how can we blame them? For such a smart businessman, he is claiming he is moving to a market 1/3rd the size of the one he is leaving, currently without any venue to play in, and in direct competition with another team, which appears to be doing everything right and the owner is endearing the entire community. It doesn’t take a Harvard grad to realize this is about as stupid as it comes. I would love to hear your valid reasoning why you think any of this makes sense, and more importantly, how in the world will it ever survive if he even does manage to ice a team?

  3. You gotta love those butt hurt kool aid drinking Ron Geary fans! O he brought the city of Evansville hockey. Do you really hear yourself? Big whoop. He’s a piece of s**t owner. That has no class. Standing up for himself, really! Really! What does he have to stand up for? Please f**king elaborate. You do know what elaborate means right? Since you use all those college words, trying to talk down to people. He didn’t have any reason to stand up for himself. The city said we are done dealing with your ass. You butt hurt sheep cry wolf, and try to say you can sue for lack of good faith. When there’s no just cause for that. Here’s a thought. Take it as you will miss butthurt howe. Leave us good people alone. And go sit in the field where your glorious new arena and team will play. Until that magical arena is built. O wait it’ll never happen. And you idiots will believe him and follow the unethical lying blohart little jackass prick. Good day ma’am!

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