Since the SPHL Board of Governors formally rejected Fidel Jenkins’ bid to return SPHL hockey to Columbus in 2018, our tongue-in-cheek renaming contest became a moot point. However, we’re going to see this naming contest through to its conclusion.

Because we have nothing better to do in the offseason.

First… Thanks to all of you for your excellent submissions. We had to sort through almost 70 different entries over the two weeks we were taking names. Again, y’all are the best fans in hockey, and you keep proving it! After first narrowing down the list to about 20 names, we’ve managed to whittle it down to our final five, with one more I added for good measure.

We picked one entry at random to win two tickets to the SPHL game of their choice, and Jason Flagg was our lucky winner!

Now, introducing the finalists for our #SinBinUselessPoll.

Columbus Cannons

Submitted by Randy/Dan

Why we like it: A nod to nearby Fort Benning, Columbus Cannons pays homage to the area’s military presence. Marketing bonus: fire off a cannon after every Columbus goal in the Civic Center – an experience familiar to another Columbus team, the NHL’s Blue Jackets.

Haven’t seen the cannon before? I’m here to help.

Columbus Copperheads

Submitted by Duane/Joe/Russell

Why we like it: Columbus has had the Cottonmouths for two decades, and Copperheads – another snake indigenous to the southern US – would provide an easy transition and continued name familiarity to fans. Marketing bonus: fan chants of “Let’s Go Snakes” can remain unchanged.

Columbus Explorers

Submitted by Lee

Why we like it: The city of Columbus – like most cities named Columbus in the US – was named after an explorer. The name provides for flexible marketing, logo, and mascot options. Marketing bonus: had Jenkins gone with this name, he could have partnered up with Rivertown Ford for an Explorer-a-game promotion.

Columbus Puckeyes

Submitted by James

Why we like it: Two species of buckeye (one is commonly known as the firecracker plant) are native to Georgia, although less famous than their northern cousin. Most of all… we like the play on words relating to another Columbus-based team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Marketing bonus: small iron-on jersey patches handed out each game for season ticket holders and stickers for player helmets.

Columbus River Runners

Submitted by Steve

Why we like it: The Chattahoochee River provides the setting for the world’s longest urban whitewater rafting course. We’re talking about serious Class V rapids. There were a few river-themed entries; we liked River Runners best. Marketing bonus: rink-side seating replaced with lazy river.

And finally… the editor’s choice.

Columbus Phoenix

Submitted by me

Why I like it: The Phoenix is the mythological symbol of rebirth. What better way to mark the resurrection of hockey in Columbus than with the Phoenix, a seriously bad-ass looking bird? Marketing bonus: the Phoenix name pays respect to Columbus’ neighbor, Phenix City, Alabama.

Honorable Mention: Columbus Ashes

Submitted by Sara Jo

Why we like it: This was submitted post-rejection, and got a quick laugh. Well played, Sara Jo… Marketing bonus: Opposing players’ jerseys burned after a Columbus win in a big post-game bonfire.

After a week of voting, we’re prepared to call this election. Y’all in Columbus sure like your snakes. Your winner…


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