Just when you think “Hey, things can’t get any worse.” It does.

Tonight’s Reading Royals/Elmira Jackals game at First Arena has been postponed due to problems with the ice. Late in the first period a small chunk of ice came up from the playing surface. The arena’s ice team came out and fix the problem but the ice wouldn’t freeze. Attempts by the league and teams to move the game to the practice ice rink to finish the game were unsuccessful.

Before the game came to a stop, the Royals were leading 2 – 0. Mike Pereia and Ryan Penny were the lone goal scorers for Reading. The Royals lead in shots 13 – 8 when the game was halted with 6:07 remaining in the 1st period.

The game will be rescheduled for a later date and tickets for tonight’s game can be used for any remaining game this season.

Update: The Elmira Jackals have released a statement:

“First Arena hosted extreme ice racing last weekend and in preparation for that, the arena staff built up the ice to a greater depth than it usually is. After the harsh conditions from the ice racing on Saturday, the staff began shaving it down throughout the week, in an attempt to get it back to where it originally was, but it was still an inch and a half deeper than usual before tonight’s game. The deeper the ice is, the more unstable the ice conditions are. That led to a large chip in the ice during the course of play. Despite attempted repairs, the ice was deemed unplayable.”


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