TULSA, OK — After entering “radio silence” following the hiring of Rob Murray as head coach, the Tulsa Oilers are set to announce a player signing, their first of the offseason.

They are not, as of this writing, disclosing the name of the player but with the protected list about to be released early next week, there are several individuals that it could be.

This writer is placing a lot of emphasis on continuity, and if that is Murray’s plan as well the first signing should be Adam Pleskach. Pleskach was a breakout star for the Bruce Ramsay coached Oilers club and a steady player and producer during the two seasons that Jason Christie was in charge.

Last season he was clipped by injury after a fairly strong start, but it would do wonders for Murray to consider the bridge he would build between last season’s team putting Pleskach’s name first. Same is true of other solid Oilers players like Phil Brewer, Dennis Brown and Christophe Lalancette.

It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that it could be a Murray-cultivated player from the former Alaska Aces roster, but odds seem to favor an established Oilers player.

All of this is speculation of course, because the Oilers front office is staying quiet on who the player might be. Considering the things on the team’s plate at this writing…affiliation, getting Murray to Tulsa and other items… the silence to build anticipation isn’t unreasonable.

Stay tuned for details as the announcement is expected next Wednesday.