With the release of the brand new NHL 17 video game, The Sin Bin decided to simulate the results of this year’s AHL and ECHL seasons. Since the final rosters won’t be determined till closer to the season and we are very impatient, we decided to simulate through this season’s schedule, conference, and division alignment, with last year’s roster. Today, we are doing the ECHL simulation and here are the results.

NHL® 17_20160913183936
NHL 17 Simulation

According to our simulation, the Allen Americans would beat the Elmira Jackals in Game 7 in the Kelly Cup Finals. The Allen Americans winning the cup wouldn’t come as a surprise to many as the Americans have won the Kelly Cup the past two seasons.

The real surprise here is the Elmira Jackals. Last season, the Jackals finished with a 37-30-3-2 record and missed the playoffs.

Down below are the simulated divisions and conference standings.

NHL® 17_20160913181844
NHL® 17_North Division
NHL® 17_20160913182442
NHL® 17_South Division
NHL® 17_20160913182558
NHL® 17_Mountain Division
NHL® 17_20160913182743
NHL® 17_Central Division
NHL® 17_20160913182859
NHL® 17_Eastern Conf
NHL® 17_20160913183014
NHL® 17_Western Conference

We will be doing the AHL simulation very soon. When we get closer to the season and teams decided their final rosters we will then do this year’s simulation of both the ECHL and AHL.


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