The season is winding down, so I thought it would be good to touch base with all of you, given all that has happened over the last few weeks. Thanks to all those who submitted questions. Two people will win some Sin Bin gear, and I’ll give away a few tickets as well. See, your participation pays off!

Here are my best attempts at answering some of your questions. As always, submit your questions via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Enjoy.

Can we retain the rights to Jack Combs, even if he decides to sit out the remainder of the season? (@fanupstairs via Twitter)

This is one of about a billion questions (only a slight exaggeration) that I got on Jack Combs. For those who live under a rock, the Mavs claimed Combs off waivers on Tuesday from the Stockton Thunder. Combs, who Coach Matvichuk referred to as the “best AA player in the world,” started the year in Allen, putting up crazy numbers before leaving to go to Europe. He later returned to the ECHL and was claimed by Stockton. They released him on Monday.

By claiming Combs, the Mavs own his rights for the remainder of this season, meaning that if he plays in the ECHL, he’s playing for the Mavs. He has the option of refusing to report to the team, which means he’ll be placed on team suspension, and it also means he won’t be getting a pay check for the remainder of the season. The Mavs also have the option of extending Combs a qualifying offer in the offseason, which would then retain his rights and give them until September 1st to work out a new deal with him. If Combs reports, then the Mavs have an incredible piece (paired with Andrew Courtney) to build around for next season.

Combs wants to play for a team that is poised to make the postseason, and that’s understandable. What I hope he realizes is that this season was an anomaly for the Mavs, and they will return to their winning ways next season. If he sticks around, he would immediately be a fan favorite, and adored by the Orange Army. This team has had a lot of great players come through, and Jack Combs would have the chance to put his name towards the top of that list.

Is the color Orange named after the fruit, or is the fruit named after the color? (@hazmattb via Twitter)


What is your favorite TV show? (@kcmom3 via Twitter)

Right now, it has to be “The Blacklist” or “House of Cards.” I can’t get enough of those shows.

What will you do with your free time this summer? (@_tstormlady via Twitter)

Good question. I normally go through about a two to three week span of not knowing what to do with myself when the hockey season is over. I’m sure I’ll catch up on some sleep at some point. I’ll probably spend the majority of my time sitting on my deck, enjoying an ice cold beverage, working on the site, talking with potential sponsors, and recruiting new writers. So I guess, in a sense, hockey season will never be over for me, and that is a great thing.

With Lamar Hunt Jr. owning the Mavs and his connection to the Chiefs, is it possible for cross promotions? (@sfox1782 via Twitter)

Anything is possible. We’ve already seen Chiefs players such as Alex Smith and Eric Berry visit The IEC for a Mavs game, and I’m sure that we’ll continue to see more opportunities for the two organizations to interact.

When will Yuengling become the official beer of The Sin Bin seats? (@jamesbarry via Twitter)

It’s not because I haven’t asked. The ball is in their court.

Of all of the promises made by our new owner, which are you most excited about? (@ronnie_crowden via Twitter)

Most of all, I’m excited for the sport to grow in the area. Having spent half of my youth in the Northeast, hockey has always been a huge part of my life. That’s not the case here in the Kansas City area. The foundation for growth has to start at the youth level and go from there. I think we’ll get there, but it will take a lot of time and even more work to turn Kansas City into a true hockey town.

How cool would it be if they had the ECHL teams in NHL 16? (@goalieactual via Twitter)

It’s only a matter of time before it happens. When it does, I hope they make a little animated version of me up in the press box.

What’s your middle name? (@missourimavs via Twitter)

I’d appreciate it if you stayed out of my personal business.

I’ve never been to a Mavs game. Can I go? (@ryanP_KCMO via Twitter)

Absolutely. I love giving tickets to someone who hasn’t gone before. I’ll reach out on Twitter and we’ll set it up.

With the realignment of the AHL teams to the west coast this summer, will any of the cities in the East go for an ECHL franchise? Could this boost the ECHL to 30 teams? (John via Facebook)

Norfolk, Glen Falls, and Manchester will replace Stockton, Bakersfield, and Ontario next season. There are still options for franchises in Oklahoma City and Worcester. The ideal situation would be a 30/30/30 setup between the NHL, AHL, and ECHL. I think we’ll get there at some point. Although the NHL seems more open to expansion than that have in years, so that is an interesting story to watch, and how it will affect the AHL and ECHL.

What will be your strategy in the HASB game? (Klemmer via Facebook)

Repeat my dominance from last season (My team won 13-4 over Simon Watson’s team). Also, try to keep Bob Rennison from fighting a priest again this season. Read that last sentence again, and then think about that for the rest of your day. Go check out and join us for an incredible day on Saturday, March 28th at The IEC. I’ll have more detailed information next week on this memorable day.

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