As the 2015-16 season inches closer, typically the number of significant announcements dwindles from ECHL teams. However in the last month, we’ve seen teams completely change their names, announce new affiliations, hire new coaches and more. The Missouri Mavericks made a couple of splashes themselves on Thursday, announcing a new branding campaign and keeping a fan favorite within the organization for years to come, but behind the bench.

Making Their Mark

The first announcement of the day was a shiny, new branding campaign. The Mavericks organization have worked tirelessly over the last six years to put their stamp on the Kansas City Metro Area. While there is still work to be done before being considered mainstream, the Mavericks have carved their niche in the sports community, and continue to draw new fans every year. As Mavs fans and sponsors already know, this is the best hockey team and game day experience in the region. We wanted a look that gives folks who’ve never been out to IEC a hint of what they’ve been missing,” said Madeleine Stroth, Director of Communications for the Mavericks.

Stroth added, “A great team deserves commensurate branding. With new ownership and the move to a new league, this was the perfect time to realize an updated look and feel for the team. With the vintage texture it speaks to the history of hockey in Kansas City – and at the same time is fresh and modern. It’s an homage to the past and a nod to the future.”

The slogan moving forward is “Welcome to HoKCey Town.” Sure, the cynic would bring up a certain team up in Detroit. You may have heard of them. Others, like me, would be mesmerized by the glaring, yet intentional, letter transposition. “Our hope is that they might initially catch the subtle spelling change, but perhaps not immediately recognize that the KC transposition is intentional. But then appreciate that the simple change simultaneously speaks to local, to hockey — and boldly declares this is our entire city’s team,” Stroth explained. To be honest, the more I look at the impressive graphics put together for this campaign launch, the more and more it grows on me. Putting my (self-diagnosed) literary OCD aside, it is quite visually appealing.

Photo courtesy of the Missouri Mavericks.
Photo courtesy of the Missouri Mavericks.

More importantly, the Mavericks partnered with a couple of highly respected companies in the area in Propaganda 3 and Liquid 9 to make this project come to life. Teams consult with firms all of the time, but for the Mavericks to draw the attention of local visionaries like the aforementioned means that not only are fans taking notice of their appeal, so are the local movers and shakers.

What looks like a typical marketing campaign is really another step towards making a statement on a local and regional level. “We feel like the best team in KC should be in the same sentence with the best KC businesses. Who we work with makes a statement about the franchise we want to be.  And we want to be same sentence partners with the best our town has to offer,” said Stroth.

“This campaign, from conception to reveal has always been about two things in my mind: exposing the Mavericks brand throughout the Kansas City Metro to new fans, and elevating the look and feel of an already successful hockey club, to one that our loyal fans can embrace, rally behind, and call their own,” said Stroth.



The second major announcement of the day is one that will be universally praised by just about anyone who has seen a Mavericks game over the last handful of years. The Mavericks announced that fan-favorite and franchise great John-Scott Dickson would be joining Richard Matvichuk as the team’s new Assistant Coach.

“John is willing to work hard and put in the extra time in our office, just as he did on the ice as a player.  His attention to detail and his dedication as a coach will take him a long way in his coaching career,” said Mavericks Head Coach Richard Matvichuk.

The numbers speak for themselves when looking back at his career. He is third in games played, third in goals, third in assists, and while we don’t have the stat, he has to be first in blocked shots. Dickson worked his ass off every time his skates hit the ice, and the Orange Army loved him for every second of it. He is one of the most respected players to ever pull on a Mavs sweater and now that he has officially hung up the skates to move behind the bench, he should have a great coaching career in front of him.

Side Note

Be sure to come out to the Missouri Mavericks Fan Fest on Saturday, September 12th at 11am. I’ll be interviewing Coach Matvichuk in the first hour, and have a big announcement from The Sin Bin for the Orange Army.

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