INDEPENDENCE, MO – Coaches have been known to seek outside help to motivate their team, identify weaknesses, and coach their players up with a new voice not heard every practice. Kansas City Mavericks coach John-Scott Dickson did just that on Monday when he enlisted the services of Jacob Ardown and Olly Postanin from the esteemed hockey fundamentals consultation firm, On the Bench. Jacob and Olly have previously been linked to NHL stars Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, and Jeff Carter. 

The boys took an emergency flight from Calgary to Kansas City to get the Mavericks whipped into shape with a return to the fundies.

As the players took the ice on Monday morning, it was easy to see the fear in their eyes as Jacob and Olly looked over the squad and immediately jumped into action to improve the shot selection, physicality, and front of the net skills of the Mavericks.

With bone-crunching hippies, greasy mid-cheese snappers and plenty of shots flying top corns, the Mavericks ended the brutal practice looking beat up and worn out. Jacob and Olly relentlessly chirped the team even as they left the ice as Mavericks staffers looked on in disbelief.

Mavericks defensemen Bryce Aneloski and Tyler Elbrecht took the brunt of the physical punishment along the boards as both Jacob and Olly made them run hip check drills over and over. Rocco Carzo spent most of the practice in front of the net, working on deflections, screening the goalie, and clearing the crease. Elbrecht eventually had had enough and ended up in a short scuffle with Jacob as practice concluded.

As brutal as the practice was, Dickson should be pleased with the results as his team should be solid on the fundies of hockey heading into a grueling ECHL season.

I had a chance to sit down with Jacob and Olly once things had calmed down after practice and that audio is available here

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