Jim Wiley

Welcome this edition of Into the Sin Bin!

On this edition, we chat with Jim Wiley about several topics, including his coaching career in the USHL, IHL, AHL; how he and San Jose Sharks head coach Kevin Constadine helped develop the analytics that have become the foundation for today’s game; what it was like being the discipline czar for the Central Hockey League and his current position with the Professional Hockey Players Association.

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  1. Hello Jim: Remember Ed and Jacks (1960), Jim and Brian Glenwright, Paul Theriault, Barry and David Lay, Tim Dool, Ken Lawson among others. I ran into Cheryl and Gerald Sims who were heading to a family reunion with a couple of their famous hockey cousins. I started looking through some of my old hockey memories and found the picture taken after our big interview on CJIC-TV in 1960. Now I’m bragging to my grandsons about how I played with not 1, but 3 NHL alumni.
    Good memories: Ross Pinnell
    PS As a former OHL Off-ice Official, I enjoyed your explanation that a shot off the post was NOT a shot on goal. That was something Phil Esposito’s mentor, Angelo Bumbacco, couldn’t seem to grasp. I think, if it was within a couple of feet of the Greyhound net he felt it was a shot. We took a few jabs about shots on goal.


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