Friday, October 19, 2018

Join Mike Campos and Matthew Harding as they host the almost-famous Inside the SPHL Podcast. Mike and Matt discuss all of the news in the Southern Professional Hockey League, talking with league newsmakers, and anything else they feel like discussing. So strap in and keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times!

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Inside the SPHL Podcast S3 E1 – The 2018-19 Season Preview

Hockey is back, y'all, and so is the Inside the SPHL Podcast, where Mike Campos and Matthew Harding feature the happenings of the Southern Professional Hockey League. On our season three premiere, the boys bring in some backup - the entire Team Sin Bin SPHL writing team. Dana Barker, Ronald Hagood, Jr., Brad Harrison, and Anna Headley join the podcast to preview the SPHL 2018-19 season.

Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #57: Scenes from a Starbucks

Technology almost foiled Episode #57 of the Inside the SPHL Podcast, but thank God for Starbucks! It is there where we are joined by this week's guest, Evansville Thunderbolts broadcaster Tommy Pecoraro.

Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #56: Defcon Weather Emergency Day

With the peak of hurricane season happening right now; Harding, Campos and Barker call on the biggest weatherbrain of all to join them, James Spann! 

Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #55: No Substance Whatsoever

The dog days of summer continue in the SPHL, but the heat and humidity won't slow down the Inside the SPHL Podcast! Harding & Campos are flyin' solo for this month.