Monday, August 20, 2018

Join Mike Campos and Matthew Harding as they host the host the almost-famous Inside the SPHL Podcast. Mike and Matt discuss all of the news in the Southern Professional Hockey League, talking with league newsmakers, and anything else they feel like discussing. So strap in and keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times!

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Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #54 – Big Dogs Gotta Bark

LAFAYETTE, La. -- The dog days of summer are now in full swing, but the blazing southern heat doesn't slow down the Inside the SPHL Podcast! Mike Campos and Matthew Harding welcome one of our newest additions to our SPHL team, Dana Barker, for his first appearance on the show.

Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #53 – Sorry, I Was Having a Milky Way

After six excruciatingly long weeks, Mike Campos and Matt Harding emerge from their post-season slumber and bring y'all another episode of the sometimes-hockey-related hijinks we call our Inside the SPHL Podcast!

Some News About Our Podcasts…

Do you like our podcasts? Well, have some news for you! For starters, we are developing a new podcast, called "Hockey Talk." The concept of the podcast is to bring you, the listener, an easily digestible 15 to 30-minute interview.

Inside the SPHL Podcast Episode #52: Creatin’ Havoc

On this edition of the podcast, aired live The Sin Bin app & Facebook on Monday, May 7, 2018, Harding & Campos are joined by their special co-host for the playoffs, Ben Garrod, and Sy Nutkevitch of the SPHL Champion Huntsville Havoc.