Welcome to the penultimate edition of the Inside the SPHL Podcast! In this episode, aired on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the guys are joined by the voice of the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs, Brian Gardner, for his third tour of fun and frivolity.

On this episode, listen and be amazed as the guys talk about:

  • How Roanoke deals with snow
  • Campos’ trip to Pensacola, which includes falling off a ledge
  • Catching up with the Dawgs
  • Breaking down what’s going on with the Ice Flyers and Knoxville’s start
  • Dogs, cats, and adoption
  • Comparing Evansville’s start with Fayetteville’s last season; is Ian Moran‘s seat feeling a tad warm?
  • The similarities between Quad City & Roanoke in their first seasons in the SPHL, and how the Storm’s tactic is not sustainable
  • Huntsville’s obnoxiously-placed banner and likely championship hangover

  • A look at the bottom five of the SPHL Staff Rankings and Harding defends his 8th place vote for the Dawgs
  • Macon’s goaltending issues and if Ian Sylves could stick when Jordan Ruby & Gordon Defiel come back
  • Brian’s rant on officials quickly communicating calls
  • A special, and hilarious Walmart Item of the Week

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Our sincere thanks go out to Brian for always being a great guest and taking the time to hang out with us! We wrap up the 2018 slate of live Inside the SPHL Podcasts next week, when Knoxville Ice Bears President Mike Murray stops by.

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