It’s another star-studded episode of our critically-acclaimed Inside the SPHL Podcast! Our seventh episode of the season, recorded on December 4th, 2018, bring in a couple of buddies from the NAHL. The voice of the Macon Mayhem, Alex Von Keudell, and Chet Yoder, broadcaster of the Robertson Cup champion Shreveport Mudbugs join Harding and Campos for 90 minutes of chaos.

On this episode, listen and be amazed as the crew talk about:

  • Broadcasting war stories from Alex and Chet, including Campos’ two days of terror.
  • Getting to know all about Alex and his time broadcasting in the NAHL.
  • Chet Yoder’s high-stakes side job, and his love of culinary challenges.
  • A deep dive into the Macon Mayhem, and why there is much sadness in central Georgia.
  • Campos reveals our SPHL Three Stars of the first quarter of the season, and our PowerFive staff rankings.
  • Finally… a foul-smelling Walmart Item of the Week.

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Our sincere thanks go out to Alex and Chet for being such great guests and taking the time to hang out with us!

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