LAFAYETTE, La. – Welcome to the pre-Thanksgiving edition of the “Inside the SPHL Podcast!” In this episode, aired on Monday, November 19, 2018, Matthew Harding and Mike Campos are joined by the head coach of the Peoria Rivermen, Jean-Guy Trudel.

The fellas discuss other topics, including:

  • How Trudel goes about preparing for games
  • Do coaches look at systems in higher leagues and implement them?
  • Trudel, the goaltending whisperer
  • Looking around the SPHL
  • A breakdown of the fantasy teams, where Harding gets summarily blown up by Trudel
  • How much longer Trudel wants to be in Peoria? Is a higher league for him?
  • And a “Wal-Mart Item of the Week” that looks like a rotting egg and dispenses negative ion air.

Our thanks to Rivermen Director of Communications, Brad Kupiec, for his help in setting up the interview.

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