LAFAYETTE, La. – Welcome to the latest episode of the Inside the SPHL Podcast. With just two weeks left in the 2018-19 SPHL regular season, Harding and Campos are joined by veteran forward of the Peoria Rivermen, Dennis Sicard!

In this episode, the guys talk about!

  • Campos welcomes family into town for the birthday bash crawfish boil this weekend
  • Harding and Campos hosting the SPHL Challenge Round selection show and get well-wishes from across the league
  • What brought Sicard back to the SPHL
  • His role with the Rivermen
  • The role of enforcers in today’s game
  • Different coaching styles and how he approaches the game behind the bench
  • Which coaching style does Sicard tend to gravitate to now?
  • His thoughts on former teammate Jason Price, his return to the SPHL, and why fans need to pump the brakes on vilifying him
  • His many battles with David Segal, including their final tilt:
  • Being a good role model for younger players, teaching them to be more open to the media and fans
  • Giving back to the game that’s given him so much
  • A look at the Rivermen entering the playoffs
  • A Wal-Mart Item of the Week especially for our bearded guest

Our thanks to Peoria Rivermen Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations, Brad Kupiec, for helping us set up the interview.

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