LAFAYETTE, La. – The band’s all back together for another solidly okay edition of the Inside the SPHL Podcast! This week, Harding and Campos welcome in the Captain of the Birmingham Bulls, Craig Simchuk.

Harding’s dog, Zoey, graduated her first puppy obedience class on Tuesday

In this episode, the guys discuss:

  • How Harding screwed up last week’s Facebook Live stream
  • Harding’s dog graduating puppy class and he’s a proud papa
  • The Madness that comes during March and the different strategies for your bracket
  • Birmingham’s success against Peoria
  • Comparing and contrasting the coaching styles of current coach Jamey Hicks and his coach in Columbus, Jerome Bechard
  • How Simchuk lead the Bulls in dealing with the news of Andrew Darrigo‘s testicular cancer, and how Simchuk dealt with the news himself
  • The Kyle Rank incident
  • Learning from one-time Cottonmouths goaltender and women’s hockey sensation Shannon Szabados
  • Who would Simmer like to play in the Challenge Round? Fayetteville, Macon, Roanoke or Pensacola
  • Another Wal-Mart Item of the Week
  • Campos and Simmer bust Harding’s chops for him not watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Read Ronald Hagood, Jr.‘s sitdown with Simchuk:

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