EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a noticeable jump in the podcast around the 15:00 mark. This is due to an audio issue with the Facebook Live stream.

LAFAYETTE, La. – Welcome back to another really mediocre edition of the Inside the SPHL Podcast. Campos took the week off to rest up for the SPHL Playoff drive, but Harding did an okay job of manning the ship and was joined by two great guests; Josh Argo from the Stickheads of the South Podcast and SPHL analytics guru Sean O’Brien.

The guys discussed:

  • Hockey podcasts we listen to
  • Meeting and interviewing Greg Wyshynski
  • Why Pierre McGuire is the biggest wet blanket for the NHL and why Tony Romo makes a terrific football analyst
  • The last week for the Birmingham Bulls and Macon Mayhem
  • Do SPHL coaches call ECHL coaches to find out the status of call-ups when constructing a playoff roster?
  • Is a Peoria top-heavy with the addition of Denny Sicard to the lineup and the trades they’ve made?
  • A discussion on analytics and how they reveal strengths and weaknesses not seen through the plain stats
  • It’s not the Fed unless there’s some major debacle…and this one made it all the way to ESPN

Be sure to listen to the Stickheads of the South podcast this week, with their guest Birmingham Bulls head coach Jamey Hicks.

Find Sean’s work on his Tableau page: https://public.tableau.com/profile/seanobrien81#!/

Campos returns to the podcast next week when our guest will be SPHL veteran Craig Simchuk. We’ll also make an announcement about a new project!

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