LAFAYETTE, La. — It’s time for another episode of our southern-fried Inside the SPHL Podcast! The silky vocal stylings of Matthew Harding went on the seven-day IR this week, but it didn’t stop Mike Campos from hanging out with a special guest from the Macon Mayhem…


Campos and Siemer’s chat covered a variety of topics:

  • How a letter to the newspaper from a four-year-old Siemer started his career.
  • What it’s like leaving home for the first time as a junior player.
  • Playing with and against now-teammate Derek Sutliffe throughout his time in juniors and the pros.
  • Landscaping in Michigan.
  • How Kevin Kerr‘s passion for the game drove Siemer to Macon.
  • Having fun with the similarity between his name and a certain WWE superstar.
  • Breaking down the Mayhem’s season, and how the team is working to get out of their current slump.
  • Taking a quick look at the SPHL playoff race.
  • And of course… the Walmart Item of the Week!

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