LAFAYETTE, La. – From the Alabama Hammer to giant stuffed teddy bears, Harding and Campos cover a lot of ground on Episode #70 of the Inside the SPHL Podcast! In this edition, the guys are joined by Josh and Jake Argo from the Stickheads of the South Podcast.

The guys discuss:

  • Doug Price being named SPHL Commissioner and he’s already working on filling out his cabinet
  • SPHL All-Star month continues and for some reason, discussing Alabama all-star candidates leads the guys into a discussion about personal injury lawyers
  • Why we should pump the brakes on expectations next year for Fayetteville and Roanoke
  • Teams who have started to regress to the mean
  • Jason Price‘s return to the SPHL; the conditions of his reinstatement and how badly the story was initially reported
  • Was the SPHL’s suspension of Price too long?
  • The Ian Moran saga in Evansville; how VenuWorks dropped the ball by not getting out ahead of the story and then issuing a week suspension
  • What does the horrible handling of the Moran situation mean for hockey for Evansville moving forward?
  • A huge shakeup finally comes to the SPHL PowerFive Staff Poll
  • Can Peoria possibly run the table in the SPHL playoffs when they get the call-ups back?
  • Is it time to revamp the playoff field?
  • The increasingly-famous Walmart Item of the Week

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