LAFAYETTE, La. – Welcome to 2019 and another year of the Inside the SPHL Podcast! Harding and Campos return from the holidays and are joined by Knoxville Ice Bears President Mike Murray for their first episode of the year!

In this episode, the guys discuss:

  • Murray’s whirlwind through youth and junior hockey
  • Walking into the New York Islanders dressing room for the first time after getting drafted, then the trade to Philly
  • Advice for today’s player
  • Do players play the game with a healthy amount of fear?
  • Traveling with the team on road trips, being an extra set of eyes for head coach Jeff Carr
  • Checking our the game productions for other SPHL teams, their arenas and the continuing squabble the Ice Bears have with the City of Knoxville
  • The balance between entertaining and developing players; is it good to have a couple of major physical altercations each year?
  • The odd note on the “staffing issues” from Evansville Thunderbolts head coach Ian Moran
  • What is the proper code of conduct for coaches to have when getting players from the SPHL to the ECHL?
  • A breakdown of the latest SPHL PowerFive Staff Poll
  • The article on hockey in Alabama and the SPHL from ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski

…..and so much more!

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