LAFAYETTE, La. – After a week away, the Inside the SPHL podcast is going through a state of transition. While we will continue to discuss the SPHL when warranted, we will not devote a specific podcast to the league.

Some of the topics discussed in this podcast include:

  • The Mike Babcock and Bill Peters controversies; will there be a forceful culture change in the NHL and could it make its way into minor league hockey?
  • Coaching changes that could happen in minor league hockey
  • Harding’s #SevereDivotCoverage last Friday night between Kansas City/Wichita
  • What we’ve been watching while we’ve been away

We are looking for input from you about the direction of this new podcast. Did you like what you hear? What more would you like to hear from us? And, do you have a name for the new podcast? Let us know! Send your thoughts to @SinBinSPHL or @SinBinThunder.

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