Welcome to the Inside the SPHL Podcast, where Matthew Harding and Sin Bin SPHL Editor Mike Campos discuss the hot topics around the Southern Professional Hockey League!

In this edition, recorded on Monday, December 19th, the guys talk about several topics, including:

  • It being insanely cold and snowy in Wichita (where Harding is) this past weekend
  • Campos remembering the time it snowed in N’Awlins
  • The goalie fight between Tyler Steel and Matt Zenzola Saturday night

  • The best promotion in minor pro hockey is coming Friday night. Festivus night in Mississippi!
  • Who the best teams in the SPHL are right now and our dark horses
  • Discussion on the major league awards (MVP, Coach of the Year, Goalie of the Year, Defenseman of the year) and whether you can win one of the awards and not be on the active roster
  • Our plans for the holiday break

Don’t forget! Part 1 of the Inside the SPHL Podcast 2016 Year-in-Review comes out Thursday, December 22 at Noon CT. Part 2 of the Year-in-Review will debut on Tuesday, December 27 also at Noon CT!

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