Technology almost foiled Episode #57 of the Inside the SPHL Podcast, but thank God for Starbucks! It is there where we are joined by this week’s guest, Evansville Thunderbolts broadcaster Tommy Pecoraro.

On this edition of the podcast, the guys talk about:

Photo Courtesy: Evansville Thunderbolts
  • Campos shares the story with Tommy about how we glossed him “Tommy the Fish”
  • How Tommy chose to be a play-by-play announcer over a meteorologist
  • SPHL Commissioner Jim Combs leaving after Thanksgiving
  • Combs’ impact on the league and what challenges are ahead
  • Federal Hockey League and what misconceptions there are about it
  • Lots of change within the Evansville organization this offseason; new head coach Ian Moran and General Manager Adam Stio
  • What style of play Moran will have and an abbreviated schedule breakdown
  • Pecoraro’s trip to Florida to call a Florida Panthers exhibition game; what did he learn from the experience that he can translate into the booth this season?

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