Welcome to the Inside the SPHL Podcast, where Matthew Harding and Sin Bin SPHL Editor Mike Campos discuss the hot topics around the Southern Professional Hockey League!

On this edition of the podcast, recorded on Tuesday, January 24th, the guys talk about several topics, including:

  • Mike surviving his weekend trip to New Orleans and Matty’s upcoming trip to see the boss in Kansas City.
  • The Federal Hockey League played their annual outdoor game recently – could the SPHL make one work?
  • Revisiting the top stories from the first half of the SPHL season.
  • Making predictions on how the teams will fare our in the upcoming playoff race and teaching Matt some basic addition.
  • Reviewing our predictions from our season preview back in October.
  • We give our early picks for the SPHL end-of-season awards.
  • Matt has difficulty understanding why SPHL players would turn down a call-up to a higher league
  • Campos flunks geography and doesn’t know where Harding’s home city (Wichita) is. (It’s Kansas, BTW.)

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