Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf!

Metcalf is on assignment for this week’s episode, so The Sin Bin Editor-in-Chief Joe Rozycki steps in and pinch hits.

On this edition, recorded on Monday, February 20, 2017, Harding and Rozycki lead a panel discussion on the relationship between the media and minor pro hockey with some of the best writers in the profession.

Joining the guys are: Sean Leahy from Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, Justin Cohn from the Fort-Wayne Journal GazetteJustin Bradford from Penalty Box RadioMark Binetti from the Rapid City Rush and Sin Bin SPHL editor Mike Campos.

The panel discusses a multitude of topics, including:

  • How you get your news: Gen X, Gen Y’ers, and Millenials get news from FB & Twitter, baby boomers from newspapers.
  • How has the tag “fake news” or “alternative facts” hurt the credibility of the industry and how does the media work to combat that in a time when a skeptical eye is given to everything reported?
  • What is the media’s job when it comes to reporting on teams?
  • How do the journalists work to get their stories done? How do they use video & audio to forward the discussion?
  • Are “blogs” a dirty word anymore and have they helped or hurt the overall conversation?
  • Will there ever be a “buy-in” from leagues for “non-traditional media” sources or does it matter?

If you want to watch the podcast, you can watch, here:

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