Monday, August 20, 2018

The “In the Corners Podcast” is the only podcast dedicated to the ECHL. Airing every week and hosted by C.C. Hawkley, the podcast gives listeners insight on the week’s action in the ECHL, as well as a discussion of the hot topics surrounding the league and it’s teams.

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In the Corners Podcast Episode #47: Under New Management

C.C. Hawkley takes over the reigns of the In the Corners podcast and is joined by Indy Fuel correspondent Mark Grainda on this month's podcast

In the Corners Podcast Episode #46: Harding and Metcalf’s Last Ride

We discuss the IHOP-to-IHOB change, a new guy in the ECHL's corner office and more on the last In the Corners podcast with Harding and Metcalf!

Some News About Our Podcasts…

Do you like our podcasts? Well, have some news for you! For starters, we are developing a new podcast, called "Hockey Talk." The concept of the podcast is to bring you, the listener, an easily digestible 15 to 30-minute interview.

In the Corners Podcast Episode #45: 2018 Kelly Cup Final Preview

Welcome to the latest of the In the Corners Podcast with Matthew Harding and C.C. Hawkley. In this episode, aired on Thursday, May 24, 2018, they talk about several topics, including