Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf!

In this episode, recorded on Monday, February 6, 2017, the guys are joined by Sin Bin Cyclones writer Dakota Johnson and they discuss:

  • A special podcast looking at the relationship between media and minor pro hockey, coming out February 21.
  • Mike Monfredo trade to Rapid City and the acquisition of Josh MacDonald
  • Is Toledo as invincible as we made them out to be?
  • Florida making moves ahead of the ECHL Trade Deadline
  • We discuss the conference alignment situation and the burden it puts on western conference teams

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  1. I LOVE what you guys are doing here! You are both so well informed about the league and players from all of the teams . I have been a Colorado Eagles fan since day 1. I remember fondly the days of the CHL when we played Witchita a lot and have always had huge respect for all of the teams from then and glad we are playing each other again, despite the circumstances with the ” merger”! Ive been following you guys from the beginning also and have been sharing it with every fan here in Colorado that I can, and not just because you mentioned the Eagles many times. You have made me a more informed fan. Thank you for that. Also love that you’re having guests from other teams on. It was cool to hear from Dakota today. Keep up the good work! Dan

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. Please keep spreading the word about our site and what we do!

      • Thank you. Just an idea for future discussion.
        We have lost 2 players, Jesse Mychan and Josh Nicholls recently to Europe and a few more in the past, all for more money. I don’t blame them at all for that, but are you seeing this throughout the ECHL? Just thought it was interesting.

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