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Welcome to the latest of the In the Corners Podcast with Matthew Harding and C.C. Hawkley. In this episode, aired on Thursday, May 24, 2018, they talk about several topics, including:

  • Quad-City will have hockey again, but will it be successful?
  • Stanley Cup Final preview & would you touch the conference championship trophy?
  • Baseball celebrations & why they’re over the top
  • Review of our Conference Finals picks. Wrong picks in red, correct in green:
Harding FLA in 6 COL in 7
Metcalf FLA in 5 COL in 7
Hawkley FLA in 5 COL in 7
Hoffmann FLA in 5 COL in 6
Wooten FLA in 5 FW in 7
  • Breakdown & picks for the Kelly Cup Final:

Hawkley: Florida in 7
Harding: Florida in 6

PROGRAMMING NOTE: In the Corners will be with you throughout the Kelly Cup Playoffs, with preview shows before each round. After the playoffs have concluded, the podcast will shift to monthly through the summer.

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