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Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf. In this episode, aired on Monday, February 12, 2018, the guys are joined by the host of ECHL Week, Barry Schickling, and discuss several topics, including:

  • Where we were at last week
  • One Winter Olympics event you think you could, somewhat, realistically complete?
  • Fallout from the Kansas City/Toledo brawl
    • Should Garrett Klotz be kicked out of the league, as this opinion piece suggests?
    • Optics look horrible for KC (signing Klotz, two separate incidents) which is normally a mild-mannered franchise. The Mavericks fanbase is irritated, and rightfully so.
    • Does do find it odd that Kevin Tansey is the only player out in the media saying that Mavs players were “ordered” to carry out incident? He’s doing this without being backed up by other Walleye players.
    • Finally, if the ECHL is trying to fight perception it’s not a “goon league” should teams be sharing GIFs & photos of incidents that give the collective league a black eye?(
  • ECHL Commissioner Brian McKenna leaving post at end of the season
    • Was the timing right for this?
    • What challenges does the next Commish face?
    • What does the next Commish need to do to grow the ECHL?
    • Possible candidates for the job?
  • “The Athletic” article on a 3-in-3 with Brampton Beast
    • Thoughts on the article & how does this “glorify” the ECHL or the Brampton Beast?
  • Our teams in the last week
    • Quad City on a roll; Wichita playing defense-optional hockey and on the verge of falling out of Mountain Division playoffs

NEXT WEEK’S GUEST: Mark Monroe from the Toledo Blade

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