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Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf. In this episode, aired on Monday, January 8, 2018, the guys discuss several topics, including:

  • A special edition of the In the Corners podcast Sunday afternoon at 5 pm ET/4 pm CT
  • Wichita/Allen pregame brawl, the fallout from it and why playing the same opponent four times in five days is a player safety & product issue:

  • The wheels have come off the Quad City Mallards
  • All-Star selections & a discussion about why we agree with the ECHL’s approach to their sentinel in-season event.

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  1. It’s a shame that real hockey fans have been all but forgotten in the race to sell tickets. If you sell more seats by artifically creating rivalry and hatred then that’s what the ECHL is going to do, even if it sets hockey back 30 years. Those of us who grew up with and around the game are an afterthought to those who will attend one or two games then forget about it, along with those who simply need to witness violence and bloodshed to stoke their own egos. I used to enjoy watching stuff like this. In my youth, it made watching hockey all the more exciting. With what we know about concussions now, and how we’ve seen the “revenge” aspect taken too far (Bertuzzi-Moore), it’s now impossible for me to take pleasure in watching something like this. It’s bad for the game, and a leauge that doesn’t realize this won’t be able to survive in the long run.


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