Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf!

In this episode, aired on Monday, October 2, 2017, the guys discuss recap their summers and discuss several topics from the offseason, including:

  • Discuss the massacre in Las Vegas, NV (58 dead, 500+ injured at time of recording)
  • What did we do on our “summer break?”
  • Podcast’s new home on Penalty Box Radio
  • Colorado leaving the ECHL; how big of a loss is it?
  • ECHL Portland to be Maine Mariners, not Wild Blueberries; Opportunity lost or glad the franchise wasn’t called that?
  • Replay happening at handful of ECHL venues during exhibition weekend
  • Surprises from the offseason (signings, affiliations, etc…)
  • A look at the Quad City & Wichita rosters

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