Welcome to the In the Corners podcast with Matthew Harding and Bobby Metcalf!

In this episode, recorded on Monday, July 10, 2017, the guys discuss their team’s progress during the offseason, and dive into five “Do You Care?” topics:

  • Ben Wilson’s suspension
  • ECHL making an effort to limit the number of games with “close-in” rivals and spreading them out among other teams in division
  • The potential for the Colorado Eagles to move to the AHL in ’18-’19 and the money battle between the ECHL & similar leagues in Europe.
  • Markets that could see an ECHL franchise (ownership notwithstanding)
  • Hockey returning to Portland, ME in ’18-’19
  • Seven NHL teams & four ECHL teams do not have affiliations
  • The ECHL released their 30th Anniversary logo, calling it a “new era,” (and show each logo from their different eras) and the hubris of it being released on Independence Day in the United States

The fellas also talk 80’s music, TV shows they watch as a guilty pleasure & working the John Deere Classic golf tournament.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Now that the playoffs have concluded, the In the Corners podcast will shift to monthly through the summer.

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  1. I enjoyed the conversation, and the “Do you Care?” format was a nice twist. ECHL teams are usually rather close-lipped when it comes to their finances. Which are the 4 teams that are profitable? How do all those other teams survive if they aren’t profitable? And how are the European teams able offer more money? It it because there isn’t the same time of 3-tiered system, or are there other factors at play when it comes to Europe? It would be great to do some follow-ups on this topic area. A good place to start would be to look at the more profitable ECHL teams and try to identify what they are doing that seems to be making a difference for them. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I agree with Matthew Harding, Big Brother is a great summer time guilty pleasure. Also a great way to kill time until hockey season.


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