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On this edition of the In The Corners Podcast, we make ITC into a vehicle for The Sin Bin’s 2019 Kelly Cup Playoffs Preview Show! The Sin Bin’s own John Hafer, Carrie Roberts, and Paige Siewert join C.C. Hawkley as the four Sin Bin correspondents preview the first eight playoff series for the 2019 ECHL postseason!


Our Wheeling correspondent John Hafer (and C.C.) discussed the first two match-ups in what has been fondly dubbed as the “meat grinder” division. The Sin Bin’s Editor-in-Chief Matthew Harding, although absent for the show, chimed in with his picks as well.

#1 Cincinnati vs. #4 Kalamazoo
  • Hafer: Cincy in five
  • Harding: Cincy in four
  • Hawkley: Cincy in four
#2 Toledo vs. #3 Fort Wayne
  • Hafer: Toledo in six
  • Harding: Toledo in six
  • Hawkley: Toledo in seven


Our own Carrie Roberts joined the show via pre-taped recording to discuss her home market of Glens Falls (Adirondack) and the two divisional semifinal matchups in the North.

#1 Newfoundland vs. #4 Brampton
  • Carrie: Newfoundland in five or six
  • Harding: Newfoundland in five
  • Hawkley: Newfoundland in six
#2 Adirondack vs. #3 Manchester
  • Carrie: Adirondack in six or seven
  • Harding: Adirondack in six
  • Hawkley: Adirondack in seven

To end the show, TSB’s Paige Siewert (Kansas City) joined C.C. to discuss both the South and the Mountain Division series heading into the first round!


#1 Florida vs. #4 Jacksonville
  • Paige: Florida in five
  • Harding: Florida in five
  • Hawkley: Florida in six
#2 Orlando vs. #3 South Carolina
  • Paige: South Carolina in seven
  • Harding: Orlando in six
  • Hawkley: Orlando in seven


#1 Tulsa vs. #4 Kansas City
  • Paige: Kansas City in seven
  • Harding: Tulsa in six
  • Hawkley: Tulsa in six
#2 Idaho vs. #3 Utah
  • Paige: Idaho in six
  • Harding: Idaho in seven
  • Hawkley: Idaho in six

The next episode of In The Corners with C.C. Hawkley will likely take place on Thursday, April 25 after the first round of the Kelly Cup Playoffs has concluded. Stay tuned for the official time and date after the divisional semifinal round!

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