Hurricane Matthew is likely to deal a heavy blow to portions of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina over the next several days. Officials say the storm will likely knock out power for an extended period of time, produce very damaging winds, high coastal tides and very heavy rain amounts.

At the time of this writing, Matthew was a category-four storm, with 140 mile-per-hour winds and was moving toward the Florida coastline. Forecasters predict the storm should begin impacting the area later this afternoon and move off the South Carolina coast late Saturday night.

Evacuations are underway throughout the areas impacted, including in Charleston, SC, where the South Carolina Stingrays are based. The team put out this tweet yesterday morning:

The storm is also impacting the Orlando Solar Bears training camp. The team was forced to move practice up to 9:30am ET this morning, and tomorrow’s practice at their facility has been canceled. The Florida Everblades announced this morning the team’s preseason game against the Solar Bears has been canceled for Friday night. For now, Saturday’s game is still on.

Matthew is also having an impact on the shipment of season tickets. The Allen Americans sent out this email to their fans yesterday, courtesy of The Sin Bin’s Barry Janssen:

“We apologize in advance, but the shipment of our ticket books has been delayed due to Hurricane Matthew off the coast of southeastern Florida. Our ticket books are coming in from Boynton Beach, Florida which is currently in a state of emergency as the hurricane moves in a path towards the outbound shipping point. As a result, Sunday’s Allen Event Center pickup event scheduled from noon to 4 PM is now canceled.”

“Barring further shipping complications, we will have our first scheduled pickup on Wednesday, October 12th beginning at 2 PM, here at Allen Event Center. We will be open on Wednesday until 8 PM and will open again on Thursday and Friday 10 AM to 8 PM.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who will be indirectly or directly impacted by Hurricane Matthew.

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