Guest co-host number two joins Hockey Talk as Josh Heistman from Sin Bin Media talks Manchester Monarchs and more! Follow him on Twitter (@SinBinMonarchs), and read his articles on!

0:00 – Opening

0:55 – Introducing Josh, “Rivalry” with Carrie Roberts

5:00 – How Josh Got Involved in Hockey, Favorite Teams

8:25 – The Sin Bin Coverage for Josh and Others

13:25 – Home Cookin’: Manchester Monarchs

17:00 – Monarchs Players to Watch For

21:30 – Why Get Rid of Branden Komm?

26:30 – Affiliation Blues (with LA Kings, AHL West, Relationship w/ Springfield, Future with Boston?)

30:30 – Attendance Woes at SNHU Arena

34:55 – Home Cookin’: Idaho Steelheads

38:00 – Puck World: NHL Trade Deadline

42:40 – Duchene Trade, Avs and Blues, Spoiled Fans

46:15 – NHL to Seattle: Season Ticket Drive, As A Sports City Overall, Expansion Draft

50:30 – Goaltenders, Dakota Johnson, “Quad City Pizza”

52:15 – Puck World: Toughest Division/Conference in the NHL?

56:15 – New Jersey and #HallforHart

58:45 – Vegas: In the Playoffs and Player Development

1:02:15 – Back to Seattle: NHL brings NBA? Who Goes There?

1:05:10 – Organic Conversations and Identity in Podcasting, Josh’s Radio Background

1:14:50 – “Never Look at The Comments”

1:18:15 – Writing: A Balance of Narcissism and Depravity

1:20:05 – Closing Remarks: Writing, Creative and Otherwise, and Unleashing Your Passion

1:39:40 – Sin Bin Writers and Support from Our Markets

1:44:25 – “Where in Idaho Are You?”

1:47:10 – Josh Lives in Maine…Going to Cover the Mariners Next Year?

1:48:30 – ECHL Team Travel, More Non-Divisional Games

1:52:45 – Ending Story: Josh’s “Diamond Dash”

2:06:40 – Goodbye for Now!

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