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BRAMPTON, ON – After a poorly played game against Quad City, the Beast had a chance to redeem themselves in their first game of this 3-in-3 and their second game in three nights. Up next was the Walleye, whom the Beast have only beaten five times, ever.

The first two times the Beast hosted the Walleye this season, the Walleye won 3-1 and 5-2. The immediate feeling was “here we go again.” 31 seconds into the period, on the first shot of the night, Kevin Tansey scored top corner glove side to put the Walleye up 1-0. The way the Beast played the first, it is surprising that this was the only goal of the period, as the Beast played much like they had on Wednesday – not well.

Fucale and Luc
Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

However, the big difference was that the Beast dressed six defensemen instead of only five like they did on Wednesday. Another difference was that Zach Fucale was back from Laval. While he got beat with that early clear shot, we ended up going over 60 minutes of shutout hockey. Everyone with a Beast logo wanted that goal back. The Beast were outshot 10-6, but did manage to escape the period down one.

Sadowy and Foster
Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

The second period started with an obviously different Beast team. While already down one man, as Matt Petgrave was still sitting for his tripping call, Reggie Traccitto got called for the same exact thing 23 seconds into the period. The Beast not only killed off both penalties, but they got a little 4-on-4 time as former Beast Connor Crisp got his second penalty of the game. The Beast truly showed they came out to play to win for the first time this week as they held the Walleye to no shots on goal for the first six minutes of the period. They also used their time with the extra player to get a goal as Vincent Dunn was awarded the goal after a scrum in front of Matej Machovsky resulted in the puck in the net.

Beast Goal
Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

This proved to be the only time they beat Machovsky the entire night. Once the Walleye started to find the net, Fucale took over and stopped of their nine shots on net, including a couple that should have been in the net. The Beast won the second period by goals, shots, and effort.

Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

The third period differed only slightly from the second period. The Walleye got two back-to-back penalties, during which the Beast needed to score. In the first penalty, the Beast got two shots off, but kept passing for the perfect shot. In the second penalty, the Walleye got one shot on goal, which was more than the Beast who again tried to get the perfect shot.

Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

This was the turning point of the game for the Walleye as the Beast wasted four minutes of power play hockey. While both teams would have solid chances, including a very loud ping off a post for the Walleye, it was Machovsky and Fucale that kept both teams in the game. Another day, this could easily have been a 6-5 win for either team. Interestingly, almost half of all the shots in regulation time came in the third period.

Photo: Robyn Iwaskiw/The Sin Bin

This game went to overtime and suddenly the Beast were playing Wednesday’s game again and let Ryan Obuchowski get a shot on net that went top corner blocker side to win the game. In the end, there was a lot of roughness that will likely carry over in the Toledo half of this home-and-home series tonight.


Score: Walleye 2 – Beast 1 OT
Shots: Walleye 36 – Beast 32
Penalties: Walleye 4 – Beast 3


Walleye goals scored by Tansey (1) and Obuchowski (1). Assists from Tyler Barnes (1), Erik Bradford (1) and Dylan Sadowy (2).

Beast goal scored by Dunn and assisted by Chris Leveille and Brandon Marino.

Three Stars:

  1. Obuchowski (TOL) GWG
  2. Fucale (BRM) 34 saves
  3. Machovsky (TOL) 31 saves

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